I have added to my roster of Travisher offerings. Each of them is built individually with a brass sole that mates to the blade to give the most control and cleanest cutting ability. For more info on the travishers, please visit this link.
For a series of videos on Travisher use and sharpening, check here.
There are two sweeps available, as pictured below.

The more curved sweep handles all the roughing as well as giving an ideal curvature at the back of the seat while the flatter sweep finishes off the surface in the broader areas, leaving very little scraping to finish the job. Both sweeps are available in walnut for $200 or curly maple, as shown below, for $230. After October 21st, 2013 the travisher price will be changing to $245 for the walnut and $295 for the curly maple.

Please contact me with any questions or to be added to the waiting list, which usually runs 4-8 weeks.


  1. Hi,

    I'm interested in buying one of your travishers. I was hoping you could give me some advice as to which to buy. I see that one curve is better for the back of the seat and roughing out the seat shape. The other is good for finishing the seat in the broad areas. For now, since I can only afford one, it seems like the tighter curve makes the most sense. I'm new to your site (GREAT resource) - is the tighter curve the only one you offered until you added the flatter sweep? I'm just getting into green wood. Planning on building a shavehorse from your plans.

    Thanks again.
    And still very much looking forward to drawknives and the Drawsharp from you.

  2. Hi, I think my post here might have been erased. Here it goes again. I can only afford one travisher. Which one should I get? It seems like the more curved sweep is the only one you sold until you added the broader one. Is that true? Does one go as far aspossible with this one and then finish the seat with a cabinet scraper?

    Thanks much.

    1. Santi,
      please contact me at to talk about your travisher interests,


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